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               Optimization for Vision and Learning (OVAL)










              The OVAL group is part of Information Engineering in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford.

              Our research focuses on the design and analysis of optimization algorithms for problems that arise in computer vision and machine learning.

              We are always looking for motivated PhD students to join us. Please read our papers to learn more about our research. Due to time constraints, the OVAL group does not accept any internship applications.


              June 16th, 2020: UAI paper on bound computation for neural network verification is available online.

              February 27th, 2020: ICLR and JMLR papers on neural network verification are available online.

              April 4th, 2019: CVPR paper on weakly supervised object detection is available online.

              February 25th, 2019: ICLR camera ready papers are available online.

              November 16th, 2018: SIIMS journal paper relaxations for dense CRFs is available online.

              November 16th, 2018: NIPS 2018 paper on neural network verification is available online.

              July 20th, 2018: BMVC 2018 paper on learning pose from actions is available online.