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              Active Vision

              About the lab

              The Active Vision Laboratory seeks to advance knowledge in computational vision, particularly in the area of real-time 3D scene segmentation and reconstruction using traditional algorithmic and modern machine learning approaches.

              We are interested in applications for location and mapping, wearable and assistive computing, semantic vision, augmented reality, human motion analysis, and navigation.

              Publications and Research

              The publications pages will give an insight into current and past research.

              Joining the Group

              We welcome applications from those wishing to pursue research degrees, and you should first visit the Department's Postgraduate Courses pages. When post-doctoral opportunities are available, they are advertised on the Department's Current Vacancies section.


              Contact details for the Principal Investigators can be found on the People page.

              Information Engineering Building
              Dept of Engineering Science
              Parks Road
              Oxford OX1 3PJ